With Mirza International:

·        Working in close co-ordination with the Production department.
·        Worked in close co-ordination with Design department for designining of the desired products.
·        Guidance in selection of the process which can be used for manufacturing the product most economically.
·        Assisting Supervisors on the assembly lines for the smooth working of the production.
·        Capacity Planning so that we can get the desired amount of Output.
·        Minimization of the wastage and taking proper care for the wasted materials.
·        Support and Guidance to the Loading and Shipping cell.
·        Keeping track over the Quality of the products.
·        Inventory Control is also one of the major responsibility.
·        Maintenance and Replacement of as much products as possible.
·        Working with VP – Planning for the Cost Reduction Methods.
   o       Proper Vendor selection
   o       Vendor Development 
   o       Time Management of Labour
   o       Full utilization of the Assembly lines


1.Worked in co-ordination with the VP of Plant and lead the team of PPC for the development & improvement of the PPC system.
2. PPC Department consists of the following processes
i.Co-ordination with the Sales Department and Estimation of the Production required for sales.
ii.Keeping a track of the stock department for available material and additional requirement for forecasted sales.
iii.Vendor Management for timely delivery of the Raw Materials.
iv. Co-ordination with the various production departments for smooth production.
v. Generation of the Schedules & keeping track of production using ERP software-JD Edward.
vi. Monitoring the Accounts and Payments of the Vendors in co-ordination with accounts department.
vii. Arrangement of the daily production meetings for the discussions of the issues and planning.